The Grateful Head ®

The Grateful Head

Neurological Signal Simulator: Currently Unavailable

Note: The Grateful Head®, Model 400, is no longer for sale due to parts obsolescence.
Watch this site for a newly designed product or contact us for details.

Product Description:

Moberg Multimedia designed, manufactures, and sells the only realistic EEG generator on the market.

Called The Grateful Head®, this product is used worldwide to train sales personnel and customers about EEG when used in a monitoring setting.

The Grateful Head is a "brain in a box" where you can "dial in" a comatose patient, one with seizures, or a brain undergoing anesthesia. It is a general purpose physiological signal generator (signal produced from pre-recorded digitized samples) and can be controlled by a PC. Thus, the displays on a patient monitor can be synchronized with a course running on a CD-ROM.