Selecting and Applying EEG Electrodes

Selecting and Applying EEG Electrodes

CD-ROM: Discontinued

Note: Introduction to EEG Electrode Placement and Selecting and Applying EEG Electrodes are no longer for sale.
We have combined the content from these two titles into a new product in our interactive education suite: Brain Monitoring: EEG Electrode Technology.

Product Description:

Winner of the prestigious 1999 Applied Arts Annual Award in the category of interactive informative media.

Using videos, animation, self-test drills and lots of interaction, this course will teach you how to choose and apply EEG electrodes to produce a reliable signal.

With this course you will:
  • Learn what electrode types to use (or not use) in various situations
  • Be able to apply electrodes correctly on any patient
  • Be able to recognize electrode artifacts and determine when you have a reliable signal
  • And have fun doing it!