NICO In-Service

NICO In-Service


Novametrix (now a Philips Medical Systems brand)


Novametrix needed an "electronic in-service" that explained how their product worked... a rather complex concept. Novametrix's NICO monitor measures cardiac output in a non-invasive way. To understand its operation a customer, or prospective customer, must visualize simultaneous circulatory and respiratory cycles.

To enhance their ability to explain how NICO worked, Novametrix turned to Moberg Multimedia. Using a new type of particle animation our team was able to schematically show oxygenation of the blood in conjunction with the respiratory cycle in a simplified manner. Coupled with an animation of the NICO sensor, the completed animation effectively demonstrated the product operation.

The animation was shown on a large flat panel at a trade show and was available on a CD-ROM.


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