Aspect Medical Systems (now a Covidien brand)


Moberg Multimedia developed this customized game and entertainment software and hardware. BrainBall has been shown world wide at trade shows to attract attention to a client's exhibit.

BrainBall is a game unlike others. The "winner" is the player who can relax under stress rather than the player who is the most aggressive. Brain waves recorded from the scalp of the players are processed to extract the alpha activity, which reflects a relaxed state of mind. The motion of a ball on the table is controlled by the difference in the alpha activity between the two players. If you are more relaxed (more alpha) than your opponent, the ball rolls away from you toward your goal. Your opponent, knowing he/she is losing, must relax further under this stress to reverse the direction of the ball. BrainBall is exciting to play and exciting to watch.

Invented in Sweden at the Interactive Institute, BrainBall has been the subject of several scientific research projects dealing with the interaction of humans and machines. Under the leadership of Magnus Jonnson, the first table was built in 1999 and subsequently shown at the Hanover Expo in 2000 and at Medica in Duesseldorf the same year. Research and developments continue at the Interactive Institute.


Game Hardware and Software